11 August 2011

Plug: Black Moth Super Rainbow

There aren't a lot of bands we will shamelessly plug at Almost Colossus. Flying Lotus is one (as seen here). And then there's Black Moth Super Rainbow.

Formed in Pittsburgh, PA, BMSR has been pumping out creepy analog disco pop since 2003. You remember Garbage Pail Kids cards, right?

Now, imagine that in audio form. It's like a delayed VCR tape feed of distorted instruments that you can never quite discern and twinkly keys, intertwined with elusive frontman Tobacco's heavily processed vocals.

Check the unofficial video for "Born On A Day the Sun Didn't Rise" off 2009's Eating Us below, then peep the 40 second teaser stream of the upcoming album, Psychic Love Damage, posted on their Soundcloud below. BMSR are on tour this Fall and Tulsa World reports BMSR will be releasing four songs with The Flaming Lips as part of their 2011 EP series. "Those will be out soon, "according to the Lips' Wayne Coyne.

  BMSR - Psychic Love Damage Demo Teaser by Black Moth Super Rainbow

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