01 January 2013

Be Resolute: 2013

  1. You've tried deleting Facebook; it's unnecessary and doesn't stick. So scale back Facebook presence to near-obscurity.
  2. Exercise. Everyday. Somehow, some way.
  3. Stop pirating comics and music. Only taking from major labels of artists you have philosophical issues with is no excuse. If you're not willing to pay for it you don't need to read or listen to it.
  4. Subscribe to Spotify (see #3.)
  5. Limit comics pull-list to 5 titles.
  6. Comic books are great but read more book books.
  7. Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, dine like a pauper. Cool it on supper; you don't get home until 7 anyway so enjoy a light soup or salad.
  8. Don't argue or instigate Republicans regarding politics or religion no matter how right you may be.
  9. No fast food for the entire year. Fast food being as Anthony Bourdain refers to the likes of McDs and BK: soggy discs of ground up elbows and assholes. It's not even real food.
  10. Get up and out of Hobbiton and back to the W-B, even temporarily so as to...
  11. Get to school on time: this Fall. Web Development AS, here I come!

New List'nin': Kendrick Lamar, good kid, m.A.A.d city