01 September 2011

Schedule Schmedule

 Sorry for the recent lack of content, gang. I know, I've only been up and posting for a little over a month now and I've already lulled.

I've been spending every ounce of free time designing invitations, favors, and other such items for my quickly approaching wedding. It's been pretty stressful but exciting to have a practical reason to utilize Photoshop and Illustrator. I'm also designing a logo for a friend's youth activities group as well as a local start-up business, and I'm still tweaking the logo and page design for this very blog. I've been learning a lot and once finished I'm going to have a variety of work to add to my portfolio, which is exciting. Next up, business cards!

I've also settled on a new weekly schedule for Almost Colossus to create some consistency and daily (or near daily) content. This way I can spread my interests out in a practical way rather than a mire of random content from day-to-day. It should look something like this:

Music Monday
Album and concert reviews, industry news, whatever strikes my fancy

Tuesday - TBA

Wednesday Sketch
In high school, my art teacher required a complete sketch to presented and critiqued by the class each Wednesday. At the time, it was totally fascist; structure in the face of an otherwise lax period of artistic freedom, man! But now I understand the benefit of repetition and visualizing one's style develop. You require discipline!

Thursday - Comic News/Opinions/Reviews (Heading TBA)
'Cause new comics arrive on Wednesday. I like comics.

Food Friday
Recipes, restaurant/food critiques. Like Monday, just with food.

Saturday/Sunday - SHOMER SHABBOS!

So that's it, kiddos. I'm going to be breaking routine later this week (hopefully as early as tomorrow) by posting a review of the DC Comics debut relaunch title, Justice League #1, which was just released today. There is obviously an abundance of reviews already floating around the net, some posted as early as midnight last night. I've read quite a few, before and after reading the issue myself, and I've yet to find my opinions accurately reflected so I'm proud to be bringing a unique view to a critique of this flagship title.

Until then,

- J

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