20 July 2011

Mobility // Lullaby

Yeah, I'm still doin' this thing. The lack of updates has been due to work and weather; it's just too damn hot in this apartment. I'm posting a test run via the Android Bloggeroid app from the chilly confines of my air conditioned bedroom. [Edit: I had to make a few html corrections. Bloggeroid doesn't take so well to code, apparently.]

Hit me up if you've got this artists' credits
Anyway, electronic artist Flying Lotus has leaked two new jams on his Soundcloud and this is reason to celebrate. FlyLo has been one of my favorite artists since inadvertently listening to his iconic [Adult Swim] bumps back in the day. Since then he's been releasing forward thinking electronic jams that bend the spectrum from J Dilla to Coltrane (he is his nephew, after all) to Radiohead.

The latter's influence is on full display on "Lullaby." With its jazzy hand claps and subtle atmospherics it sounds like a release from the current King of Limbs remix series, which makes total sense since he's been rumored to be releasing a remix of the complete album. Both tracks are a bit of a departure from Cosmogramma 's heavy orchestration and back toward the low end grind of Los Angeles.

Check out both tracks below:

  Flying lotus - heave (n) mix2 by Flyinglotus
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