10 February 2012

BMSR Album Scrapped for Tobacco Album, Air Remix

Last time we checked in on Thomas Fec, a.k.a. Tobacco, he and bandmates Black Moth Super Rainbow were poised to release an EP with psych-weirdos The Flaming Lips. BMSR were also in the process of recording the follow-up to 2009's Eating Us. Neither the collabo or Psychic Love Damage ever saw the light of day. When greeted with the question of what to expect from the new album in an interview with the website CMPRSSR posted January 16th, Fec responded, "I guess the first thing they shouldn't expect is an album," adding, "it got scrapped." He released a statement via Facebook regarding the abandoned album:
sorry guys, i don't have a pr person right now to write press releases for me so gotta do this on my own. in 2011 i made a bmsr record called Psychic Love Damage. it was supposed to come out this year, but it wasn't very exciting. and not good enough in my opinion for you to spend your $ on. so i junked it for its best moments and made an album that i'm really in love with. not sure how or when that'll come out, but in the meantime, enjoy these bits from the orphaned psychic album.
Fec's Facebook page has been a hotspot for Tobacco activity this year. Among the posts, he alleged that Yolandi of Die Antwoord turned down an opportunity to appear on the new album, "because it made her sweat all over." True or not, she would have made a good fit for an as-yet-titled album which seems to be a growing experience for Fec, who had this to say, "learning what a disgusting person i [sic] am through the making of this tobacco album. PSYCHED FOR MYSELF!"

A typically bonkers remix of French electronic duo Air's "Sing Sang Sung" (below) was also posted from the BMSR SoundCloud page. Also posted is "Quiver the Good Times" as well as more tracks from the abandoned album.

What all of this means for BMSR can't be said for sure, although they have three West coast shows booked in May as well as unannounced shows in April for Tobacco.

Stereo Decay: Black Moth Super Rainbow, Extra Flavor (Dandelion-Gum Era Sessions) | Tobacco, LA UTI [EP] | Tobacco, Mystic Thickness


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