01 April 2012

Site Happenings: April 1, 2012

Something just occurred to me, it's now been two years since I acquired this blog space and began contemplating when, how, and why I was tackling this thing. And quite frankly, I'm still not sure. Initially I intended to feature original art and graphic design. Having not really done much with my talents in a while I've found inspiration and motivation to be infrequent. I've also been highly critical of my design work, being only self-taught in Photoshop, Illustrator, and such.

Basically, its going to be a while until there's any real artistic content.

In the meantime I've been bouncing back and forth between promoting comics and music that I find unique and interesting. I think there's been too little music and too much and the wrong kind of focus on comics. THIS WEEK IN PANELS is getting out of hand as I find myself reading more and more titles each week in effort to lengthen the post, leading only to delays in the actual posting. Quality over quantity.

This brings me to some upcoming projects:

  • THIS WEEK IN PANELS will become PULL LISTED as I focus on selected titles (TBA) and feature full reviews. I'm still debating whether PULL LISTED will be a single post on Thursdays or spread over two or three days. I'll do a test run this week and last week's delayed TWIP will see publication later today.

  • The Hunger Games movie review has been pushed back until I get a chance to see it once more to solidify my opinions. They're a little jaded at the moment, having been somewhat a fan of the novels. Expect it sometime next weekend or the following Monday (April 9.)

  • Paul Pope's Batman: Year 100 comic review is coming soon. SPOILER ALERT: Its awesome.

  • And expect much more music to come. I'm going to try and hook up some interviews with independent (and possibly local) musicians. Album reviews should be more frequent, too, with Melvins and Quakers reviews coming shortly.

I hope those of you following are still entertained as I try and figure out exactly what I'm doing here. I'll try to figure it out as soon as possible. Drop me a line with encouragement, criticism, and comments.

- J


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