12 April 2012

PULL LIST: Proper Superhero Shit | April 4, 2012

Things got a little hectic this past week. I'm going to wrap things up briefly with a couple legit reviews and simply panels and a few words for the rest. Then, on to this week's comics. There's simply too much to cover the first half of each month and little the second. Maybe I'll spread the reviews out in the future so that they're not necessarily specific to the date of release.

Take note of the new rating system as well. Let's call it X out of 5 Mokkelbosts, hm?

Swamp Thing #8

Scott Snyder (S), Yanick Paquette (A), Marco Rudy (A), Nathan Fairbairn (C)
Swamp Thing is finally revealed in full as he confronts Sethe, the "stinking Lord of the Rot," in hopes of rescuing Abigail Arcane from its clenches. Head-to-toe in Mignolia-esque medieval armor of his own Green composition, Swampy bears lush wings and a crown of spiked antlers. It would seem goofy if it didn't look so badass.

Snyder nails Alec Holland's complete acceptance of his role, having dragged him kicking and screaming to accept his role as heir to the Swamp Thing legacy. There are no traces of the reluctant hero here.

Any complaints of the slow eventual reveal of the monster himself are diminished as the past two issues have been such quick reads. It would be almost unfair if there wasn't so much gorgeous art from Paquette and Marco Rudy to look back on. There is less of the inventive page layouts that made last issue such a work of art, but this time its more about big reveals. Everything on the line with nothing to hide. The decay of the the Rot and its minions is just sickening displayed against the green aura that follows the heir to the Green. Its high drama as panels like the one above are downright Biblical.

Animal Man #8

Jeff Lemire (S), Steve Pugh (A), Travel Forman (A), Jeff Huet (I), Lovern Kindzierski (C)
While Holland has been playing the reluctant hero, Buddy Baker is desperate for recognition as a hero in his own right. Never quite able to juggle family life, his acting career, and moonlighting as a superhero with the ability to borrow the attributes of animals which he comes in contact. When his daughter, Maxine, began displayed similar but advanced powers, Buddy began a journey of discovery, only to find how little he knows about his own powers and himself.

Animal Man continues to be the title most rooted in the Vertigo style since some titles became reintegrated into the mainstream DC universe. The above panel is a clear indicator of both that and why this book has been so damn irresistible.

Action Comics #8

Morrison's Brainiac story wraps up and the Kid of Steel's origin continues to unfold. Lex Luthor is beginning to seem the star of this title and you'll hear no complaints from me. But again, no more Steel. Seriously.

Daredevil #10.1

Marvel still seems insistent on rolling out these point ones. From what I've read they're intended to be a proper jumping on point for new readers. Daredevil #10.1 is certainly that in that it not only establishes the Man Without Fear as well as his not-so-secret identity while bringing potential new readers up to speed in the series' tone and events. Where the point one motive falls flat is when the issue ends with a pretty important plot point where Murdock drives a nail in the trust in the crime syndicate committee that's been plotting to bring him down and the next issue is part of a mini tie-in events with the Avenging Spider-man and Punisher titles.

Not that these issues are a detriment as Daredevil #10.1 is an essential read for fans of as well as those who don't yet realize they're fans of Mark Waid and crew's excellent run. This is comics 101 right here, folks.

Amazing Spider-man #683

Spider-man assembles the Avengers to take on an ailing Doctor Octopus and the new Sinister Six. Guest appearances by President Obama, Stephen Hawking, and Al Gore.

I'm super cereal.

Batwing #8

Judd Winick (S), Dustin Nguyen (A), Derek Fridolfs (I), Brian Reber (C)
Nothing to say here, really. I lost interest in this title long ago -- too many artistic shake-ups, reliance upon already established Bat-characters, and a completely predictable ending. I did flip through to see one of my personal favorite artists, Dustin Nguyen's art and wanted to note how great it is to see Bruce sans Bat symbol gills on his New 52 suit.

Good on ya, Nguyen!


Arion said...

I really like the art. By the way, I think you have a great blog. I read your opinions about New Deadwardians, which is the best of the new Vertigo titles, I enjoyed it so much that I decided to review the first issue. If you want to check it out here's my blog: www.artbyarion.blogspot.com

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