02 March 2012

THIS WEEK IN PANELS: Feb. 29, 2012

THIS WEEK IN PANELS features the best in comic book panels each week. No criteria, no rhyme, no reason. Excelsior! (Click pictures to embiggen)
Wednesday I tweeted a lack of variety among new titles this week and indicated I may feature some titles I was late to the draw on from past weeks. Rather than backtrack, I'm going to feature more than one panel of this week's comics

So, with only three titles what say we blow our load right off the bat. Spoiler alert, an' all 'at.

Venom #13.4 by Rick Remender, et al, & Lan Medina; Marvel 2012
Having just plowed through a stack of Ghost Rider comics from my childhood, the final page of part four -- no, wait... five? Can we just agree this point system is ridiculous? -- is every aggressive, adolescent, comic geek's wet dream. All that amalgamation of Red Hulk, Venom, and Ghost Rider up there needs is a set of adamantium claws and this would be a million-selling title for Marvel each month in 1996.

Venom #13.4 by Rick Remender, et al, & Lan Medina; Marvel 2012
Venom also takes a brief pause from hell on earth to make light of one of the LGBT community's few recent successes. Hey, it's just funny books, right?

And Marvel, I urge you to give that billowing fireball skull that is the Spirit of Vengeance its very own comic. You already cancelled Lady Ghost Rider and 'tis the season of reboot. Think about it.

Justice League #6 by Geoff Johns & Jim Lee, DC 2012
I am bored. We need proper dialogue.

DC completes its very own hell on earth storyline by criminally under-utilizing the only truly formidable threat the Justice League faces. Where could we possibly go from here, Starro? Wait, really?! C'mon!

Amazing Spider-man #680 by Dan Slott, Chris Yost, & Giuseppe Camuncoli; Marvel 2012
Artist Giuseppe Camuncoli will surely rue the day he had to illustrate a Risky Business comic tribute to Rebecca Black's "Friday." Sorry, dude. Otherwise, Dan Slott delivers a relatively enjoyable filler issue featuring some witty banter between Spidey and Johnny Storm, the first since his "return" from "death." I would like to think that last panel is a subtle stab at the unfortunate comic standard.

Well, that's it, folks. Next week's selection looks to be more varied and maybe I'll finally get around to re-naming this feature. Again, title recommendations are welcome. Contact me at any of the social media tools listed in the Contacts (go figure) page.

Tunes: Burial, Kindred [EP] | Shlohmo, Vacation [EP] | Air, Le Voyage Dans La Lune


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