22 February 2012

MUSIC VIDEO: Gonjasufi - The Blame

Check out the video for "The Blame" from almost colossus tested and approved genre-bending singer/songwriter Gonjasufi. The video is directed by photographer Neil Krug (who has previously worked with Ladytron) and features a contemplative and often angry Sufi (born Sumach Ecks) in various locations in what appears to be a sand-buried post-apocalyptic Los Angeles.

"The Blame" is the first single from Ecks' MU.ZZ.LE [EP], out earlier this year from England's Warp Records. MU.ZZ.LE (now being touted as a mini-album; regardless of length, 10 tracks is a full-length album to us) is an organic continuation of the sounds Sufi presented two years ago on his incredible debut A Sufi and A Killer.

Even without the heavy aid of producers like the Gaslamp Killer and Flying Lotus, MU.ZZ.LE still delivers a moody blend of old school Portishead trip-hop and vintage psychedelic garage rock with an almost palpable lo-fi production. All matched with Ecks' raspy vocals that range from singing and rapping to prose and somewhere between.

Its sure to place high on any respectable mid-year albums list.

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