08 August 2011

TDKR: Casting Rogue

This past Saturday I was set to take part of the filming of The Dark Knight Rises at Heinz Stadium in Pittsburgh, PA, but due to the inefficient reservation practices of Be In A Movie, the firm staging the casting call, my droogs and I were only able to obtain stand-by tickets. Already facing the hindrances of travel, hotel stay, and looming ill weather we chose to not risk the trip. As it turns out, we missed out on quite a show. With little effort one can find online full details of Saturday's filming including an audio snippet of Bane (Tom Hardy) delivering a speech to the Gotham Rogues hostage audience.

Tom Hardy as Bane
Every spoilery bit of TDKR has been pretty exciting. Although I have been following it closely I have little interest in sharing unofficial photos, reports, and such here. I am more than pleased to share official details, though.

Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle

Read around at your own risk; there seems to be a lot available, unlike Nolan's previous secretiveness with The Dark Knight. I doubt much is being ruined or disclosed, though, given the enormous cast and rumored plot lines. All of the Pittsburgh details are sure to be a mere few minutes of the film.

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