23 July 2011

Almost Colossus Loves the 90's

So that whole 20-year cycle of retro chic you've been passive-aggressively complaining about for the past, oh, 20 years, Gen Y-er? Well, seems it's come back in your favor.

First, Nickelodeon's got a strategy for giving the [Adult Swim] programming block some competition with re-runs of SNICK classics. The following clip for The 90's Are All That mentions Double Dare and All That while Wikipedia reports All That, Clarissa Explains It All, Doug, and Keenan and Kel will be featured in the initial lineup. Just about everything else is set to follow, with the exception of Three Angry Beavers. I guess Mel Gibson cornered the market on goofy narrated beavers.

So what's more exciting than seeing Ren & Stimpy, The Adventures of Pete and Pete, and Salute Your Shorts on the boob tube again? *heh heh, heh heh* Boob.

All. New. Episodes. That clip could have come right from the original series. As much as I love the appropriately deriding Jersey Shore commentary, I'm hoping for primarily music videos, and preferably older ones. The original Beavis & Butthead introduced viewers to everything from Primus to Morrissey to Ministry back in the day. But, all in all, looking good.

Next up... MST3K, anyone?

[edit: The 90's Are All That airs now Tuesdays through Saturdays for a two hour block starting at midnight with an encore from 2 - 4 AM. So far MTV reports Beavis & Butthead is set to return this Fall. I'll get better at this stuff; I promise.]

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