13 July 2011

Good Company

This is the first in a sort of series of mixes I made four years ago and continue to make for my then girlfriend and soon-to-be wife. Good Company was the fastest I've ever produced a mix from conception to end result and it still remains my favorite. The tracks are upbeat, head-in-the-clouds new love foggy, mostly obvious, and feature a couple inside jokes and one of our two wedding songs.

I didn't use a standard CD template for the art; the image folds to fit a slim jewel case. I wish I could say the images were original; both are borrowed. Chris Appelhans' "Dancebot" is so whimsical and childish. It had been sitting in my Pictures folder for years awaiting some sort of use. I'm pretty sure it guided this project.

Image credits:
Chris Appelhans, "Dancebot"
sputnikk, "Exit the System"

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