23 September 2012

Ross Campbell to Publish Fan Fiction TMNT Webcomic

Joe Keatinge recently made a few revelations regarding Glory, his revamp of the dubious 90's Rob Liefeld not-quite-Wonder Woman knock-off. Among them was a price hike due to meager sales (shame on all of you) and an impending end to his and Ross Campbell's creative run. While I would generally welcome some wiggle room for my comics budget I would just as soon sacrifice a number of major label titles for Glory.

Although not the breakout hit Prophet became Glory sets the standard for a comic book reboot. With the inclusion of an almost all-female supporting cast to the bold reinvention of Glory herself, the title shows what a strong force women can be in modern comics. I'd declare it the definitive modern Wonder Woman if her own reboot wasn't so damned good itself. But as they say, all good things must come to an end. Keatinge seems to be juggling offers by the Big Two as well as his own surprise success, Hell Yeah [Image], but illustrator Ross Campbell hasn't strayed far from publishing his own web comics, nor does he intend to.

Like the rest of the industry Campbell has gotten cozy with nineties nostalgia, announcing a return to his TMNT work...but it's not what you might think. Last June the artist posted the above sketch via Tumblr with the following statement:
"[T]his is the first sketch for a TMNT fan-comic i’m cooking up called Secrets of the Ooze, which is a retelling of the second Turtles movie (a.k.a. the one with Vanilla Ice XD) with my own spin on the story and characters."
Having spent much of my elementary days sketching Ninja Turtles all over my composition books and later making fan-fic designs of my own, I'm a sucker for these redesigns. I haven't seen Campbell's TMNT: Micro-Series Leonardo work but his style is a perfect match; all round features, cartoonishly exaggerated calves and Sam Keith feet. Among the changes included is a fifth turtle, a female named Artemisia, DayGlo markings in place of bandanas, and hand-made junk heap weaponry.

As for when we can anticipate SOTO, Campbell states, "[I]’m hoping next year, [I]’m hoping [I] can squeeze a page a week into my schedule and run it as weekly webcomic." Make sure to follow his website and Tumblr for more news and artwork including a lineup of SOTO's villains.


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